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Cholesteatoma matrix and tympanic epithelia share the unique property of en mass migratory locomotion in vitro. Although this migratory behavior is not well understood, it is thought to be a major contributor to the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of cholesteatoma disease. We have surmised that en mass migration depends on tight calcium-dependent(More)
The paper of which the present article is itself an abstract is concerned with locating zeros of nonnull solutions of differential systems of the formcplx=fwhere r(x) and p(x) are continous and r(x) is positive for x >/= a. When r(x) = 1 and p(x) = alphax + beta, necessary conditions and sufficient conditions are pro-vided that the interval (a,b] contain n(More)
The fifty-seventh Summer Meeting and thirty-third Colloquium of the American Mathematical Society were held at Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan, Tuesday to Friday, September 2-5, in conjunction with meetings of the Mathematical Association of America, The Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and the Econometric Society. Over 600 people(More)
in which the functions r, p and q are continuous on (0, °o) while r is positive there. The point x = 0 is singular for the functional in the sense that the conditions on r, p, and q may not hold for an interval of the form [O, b]. Finally, all integrals which appear are Lebesgue integrals. We denote by: F[0, b], the class of all functions y such that y is(More)
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