Walter Lee McKnight

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The purpose of this work was to assess the technical performance of a three-dimensional surface imaging system for geometric accuracy and maximum field of view. The system was designed for stereophotogrammetry capture of digital images from three-dimensional surfaces of the head, face, and neck. A mannequin head was prepared for imaging by adding texture in(More)
Effects of a nitroxybutylester derivative of aspirin (NCX 4215) on platelet aggregation and prostanoid synthesis were compared to the effects of aspirin. NCX 4215 was approximately seven times more potent than aspirin as an inhibitor of thrombin-induced human platelet aggregation in vitro, but did not inhibit platelet thromboxane synthesis or gastric(More)
Information Survivability: Required Shifts in Perspective To operate successfully in today's interconnected, globally networked environment, organizations must shift to an information survivability-centric perspective. New methods for commercial off-the-shelf risk assessment outlined in this article help produce architectures that tolerate sophisticated(More)
Experimental gastric ulcers are rapidly colonized by various bacteria, resulting in significantly impaired healing. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is capable of preventing bacterial colonization of the healthy intestinal mucosa. In this study, we examined the possibility that EGF accelerates gastric ulcer healing by reducing bacterial colonization of the(More)
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs elevate gastric acid secretion, possibly contributing to their ability to interfere with gastric ulcer healing. Inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 have been shown to delay experimental gastric ulcer healing. In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that cyclooxygenase-2-derived prostaglandins modulate gastric acid(More)
The creation of a satisfactory cosmetic outcome in the repair of cranial defects relies on manual skill. However, computer aided design is gaining acceptance in the creation of custom cranial implants. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the accuracy of a CAD generated skull defect contours using 3D difference maps. 3D multi-slice CT scanning was(More)
E ach of us defines information assurance based on our own perspective. For example, a security guard might define information assurance as security clearance and access to buildings or rooms. A network administrator might base his/her definition on passwords or permission rights. Personnel at a network operations center might define it as fire-walls,(More)
Rapid advances in semiconductor fabrication technology have resulted in an explosion of the number of components realizable on a Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuit. The design process which exploits this technology is extremely complex and must be supported by a project environment. To this end we examine the design process. The goal of VLSI design(More)
This paper addresses software engineering issues in designing software environments for managing the voluminous and non-homogeneous information generated during the VLSI design process. This involves not only a uniform logical framework within which to represent this information but also to provide a means to explicitly record the procedures used in(More)
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