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The Saccharomyces cerevisiae kinase Bur1 is involved in coupling transcription elongation to chromatin modification, but not all important Bur1 targets in the elongation complex are known. Using a chemical genetics strategy wherein Bur1 kinase was engineered to be regulated by a specific inhibitor, we found that Bur1 phosphorylates the Spt5 C-terminal(More)
New sensor, communication and software technologies are used to broaden the facilities of tracing and tracing systems for food transports. n embedded assessing unit detects from sensor data collected by a wireless network potential risks for the freight quality. The estimation of he current maturing state of agricultural products will be supported by(More)
Rhabdomyosarcoma is a soft-tissue sarcoma with molecular and cellular features of developing skeletal muscle. Rhabdomyosarcoma has two major histologic subtypes, embryonal and alveolar, each with distinct clinical, molecular, and genetic features. Genomic analysis shows that embryonal tumors have more structural and copy number variations than alveolar(More)
All transcription terminators for RNA polymerase I (pol I) that have been studied so far, ranging from yeast to humans, require a specific DNA binding protein to cause termination. In yeast, this terminator protein has been identified as Reb1p. We now show that, in addition to the binding site for Reb1p, the yeast pol I terminator also requires the presence(More)
The transcription termination site for yeast RNA polymerase I requires not only an 11 bp binding site for Reb1p, but also about 46 bp of 5' flanking sequence. We propose that Reb1p bound to its site is part of a pause element, while the 5' flanking sequence contains a release element. Pausing requires little other than the DNA-binding domain of Reb1p and is(More)
The concept of autonomous cooperating processes is an approach to solve complex logistical planning tasks by representing each object in the transport chain by a separate independent software unit. In general, these software units or agents are applied in a server network. Technologies from the field of the Internet of Things like wireless communication and(More)
The “Intelligent Container” is a sensor network used for the management of logistic processes, especially for perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables. The system measures relevant parameters such as temperature and humidity. The concept of “cognitive systems” provides an adequate description of the complex supervision tasks and sensor data handling.(More)
We have identified a terminator for transcription by RNA polymerase I in the genes coding for rRNA of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The terminator is located 108 bp downstream of the 3' end of the mature 25S rRNA and shares several characteristics with previously studied polymerase I terminators in the vertebrates. For example, the yeast terminator is(More)
RFIDs, sensor networks and low-power microcontrollers are increasingly applied in logistics. They are characterized by restrictions on calculation power, communication range and battery lifetime. In this article we consider how these new technologies can be utilized for autonomous cooperation and how these processes could be realized on systems with limited(More)