Walter L Friedrich

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Precise and direct dating of the Minoan eruption of Santorini (Thera) in Greece, a global Bronze Age time marker, has been made possible by the unique find of an olive tree, buried alive in life position by the tephra (pumice and ashes) on Santorini. We applied so-called radiocarbon wiggle-matching to a carbon-14 sequence of tree-ring segments to constrain(More)
Parents of 34 handicapped children were compared to a control sample of parents of nonhandicapped children on a variety of measures, including marital satisfaction, social support, religiosity, psychological well being, and a measure of resources and stress. Significant differences were found between groups along a number of these dimensions.
Fig. 1. A) Reconstruction of the rounded Stronghyle island with the small island Monolithos to the east. A vent, from which the subaerial first phase of the Minoan eruption originated, is shown on an island in the central part of Stronghyle. In the northern part of the caldera a belt of stromatolites were probably formed in shallow marine conditions. B)(More)
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