Walter L. Engl

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A modular circuit is defined as a combination of a certain number of k-modules, which are embedded in a carrier network. The modules may represent subcircuits of varying complexity down to single devices. Such modular circuits lend themselves to a description by a system of modular equations. MEDUSA is a user-oriented simulator which utilizes system(More)
In mixed level device/circuit simulation (MLDCS) semiconductor devices are modeled by partial differential equations (e.g. the drift diffusion model) while being embedded in a realistic circuit environment named caxrier network [l]. For each DC bia^ or point in time the mixed level device/circuit simulator alternates between device and circuit level until(More)
Most numerical MOS-simulators are based on Gummel's nonlinear relaxation method, for which severe convergence problems arise above threshold. A new hierarchical approach for the numerical simulation of MOS-transistors (MOST's) is presented, which overcomes these shortcomings resulting in an improvement of convergence speed of more than one order of(More)
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