Walter Knight

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The development and use of a software program that not only predicts a board's cost but also provides indices of its manufacturability, called PCB Design for Assembly (PCB/DFA), are described. The software is intended to reduce design cycle time and manufacturing cost. Well before placement and routing, it quickly generates 'on paper' alternative board(More)
In vascular plants, organelle RNAs are edited by C-to-U base modification. Hundreds of mitochondrial C residues are targeted for editing in flowering plants. In this study, we exploited naturally occurring variation in editing extent to identify Required for Efficiency of Mitochondrial Editing1 (REME1), an Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana)(More)
Both deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) male-specific phages, with an F-specific host range, inhibited the bacterial mating process of Escherichia coli. DNA phages prevented the formation of mating pairs but had no effect on mating pairs once they were formed. A step in RNA phage infection, prior to RNA penetration, prevented the(More)
The extent of removal at various blending speeds (blending spectrum) and the kinetics of reappearance after blending of the ability of male Escherichia coli bacteria to form mating pairs, to adsorb and be infected by ribonucleic acid male phage, and to adsorb and be infected by deoxyribonucleic male phage were identical to the blending spectrum and(More)
In radial partition immunoassay, radial chromatography is used for performing an immunoassay. We describe the application of this technology to the measurement of digoxin in serum by enzyme immunoassay, with the entire testing procedure carried out on glass-fiber filter paper. A sample is applied to a small central area of the filter paper, where it reacts(More)
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