Walter J Sarjeant

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of electromagnetic (EM) field modification by use of Nufield EM field modification (NEFM) units on egg-laying hens in commercial flocks as indicated by production measures, including hen-day mortality rate (HDMR) and eggs per hen housed (EHH). ANIMALS 16 commercial flocks of egg-laying hens. PROCEDURE 5 caged commercial(More)
Recent research into the exploding wire phenomenon has shown that capacitor grade metallized polypropylene film (MPPF) may perform as a surrogate to an exploding wire. The reaction of the MPPF to a high voltage capacitive discharge is similar to that of an exploding wire. A key difference that exists between the MPPF and the wire is that due to geometry,(More)
An analytical method is described for obtaining the precise location of an absorption line and the pressure broadening coefficients due to self-broadening or foreign gas broadening from experimental measurements using a laser operating on a single line near the absorption line. These absorption line characteristics are obtained from the pressure dependence(More)
Tests validating the consistency and repeatability of controlled electrical surface flashover on metallized thin film insulators were performed. The study of electrical surface flashover has been mainly confined to its prevention under various contaminated conditions such as ice. The experiments discussed in this paper have gone in the opposite direction.(More)
A fast and convenient method for the extraction of basic constants from time resolved laser amplifier gain measurements is described. The method is based on the assumption of a two-level laser system having direct electron excitation of the levels involved. The experimentally measured pulsed discharge current waveforms and time resolved gain curves are(More)
This paper presents an experimental study of time-resolved gain in H(2)O, H(2)O-He, and H(2)O-H(2) mixtures as a function of gas composition and excitation current. Utilizing the fast rising (~70 nsec) pulse from H(2)O-He laser as a probe, the amplifier gain was measured with a time resolution of about 100 nsec. The gain was observed to follow the(More)
The ability to produce controllable plasmas is usually confined to high energy applications. Many applications, however, would greatly benefit from a reduction of this input energy. This paper examines a new, low energy method to generate a plasma utilizing the mechanism of surface flashover on thin metallized films. This method of plasma generation was(More)
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