Walter Heimann

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UNLABELLED Hydroperoxid isomerase from barley was incubated with linoleic acid hydroperoxides (LHPO), containing nearly exclusively the 13-LHPO or the 9-LHPO isomer; the volatile reaction products were isolated, concentrated and investigated by means of gas and radio-gaschromatography. Thus it was possible to establish the precursors of the volatile(More)
PROBLEM In newborn guinea pigs the structural development of the liver was studied with emphasis on changes in the lipid content as related to biochemical parameters. MATERIAL AND METHODS The livers of 149 guinea pigs (strain PIRBRIGHT) up to an age of 21 days were examined. The mothers were grouped in cages and kept as usual (room temperature 22 degrees(More)
Soya- and oats-lipoxygenase (E.C. are incubated by 14C-marked linoleic acid. The volatile aldehydes arising thereby are isolated. The activity of the components separated by gaschromatography is written down by a printing indicator and the impulses/min are registered and printed out by a ratemeter. Thus the aldehydes which are produced by the(More)
It was attempted to separate isomerase and lipoperoxidase activity from oat by means of gel and ion exchange chromatography and by isoelectric focusing. The molecular weight of the enzyme fraction tested was found to be of the order of 3 X 10(6) daltons. By ion exchange chromatography and isoelectric focusing the enzyme fraction with lipoperoxidase and(More)
1. Auf den Verlauf einer durch Pyrodin hervorgerufenen akuten Anämie beim Kaninchen übt intravenöse Darreichung von kolloidalem aktivem Eisenoxyd in verschieden großen Dosen keinen erkennbaren Einfluß aus. 2. Im Höhenklima bzw. unter künstlicher Luftverdünnung (3000 m), verläuft die Blutregeneration etwa doppelt so schnell wie im Tiefland; als(More)