Walter Habenicht

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Nitrogen mineralization from long term incubation experiments with dried loess soils from southern Lower Saxony has been split by an optimization procedure into three contributing fractions: one from the resistant organic material (index rpm), another from decomposable plant residues (index dpm), and a third one from autolyzing microbial biomass (index(More)
The article presents an interactive multi-criteria approach for the resolution of rich vehicle routing problems. A flexible framework was built to be able to deal with various components of general vehicle routing problems, e.g. the consideration of multiple objectives or different types of specific complex side constraints such as time windows, multiple(More)
We present a conceptual framework of an interactive method for solving integer linear vector optimization problems. The method is based on an enumerative cut approach. It combines cutting planes with enumerative parts. In this method the user can perform a structured searching process in the non-dominated set
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