Walter H Rivarola

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Congestive heart failure (CHF) would be associated with mitochondrial abnormalities and increased of reactive species of oxygen (ROS). To clarify these issues we studied the structure, function of the mitochondrial enzyme nitro oxide synthase inducible (iNOS) and lipoperoxidation of membranes, one of their products through the peroxide nitrite ion (ONOO-),(More)
Chagas' disease is an important cause of heart disfunction in Latin America. Previous works from our laboratory reproducing experimental Chagas' disease in mice, demonstrated that the affinity and density of cardiac beta-adrenergic receptors were altered during the acute, indeterminate and chronic phase in Albino Swiss mice inoculated with Trypanosoma(More)
We report herein on the specific and autoimmune humoral response generated by the immunization of mice with the R13 synthetic peptide coupled to a carrier protein, OVA. This peptide corresponds to the C-terminal region of Trypanosoma cruzi ribosomal P1 and P2 proteins (EEEDDDMGFGLFD), a sequence that differs from the other eukariotic P consensus sequence(More)
Chagas' disease presents complex physiopathogenic mechanism, many of them poorly understood, that in our country generally produce cardiac lesions. The acute phase related with the presence of the parasite is usually asymptomatic. This report studies if the amount of T. cruzi that induced acute infection could modify the myocardiopathy evolution. Previous(More)
BACKGROUND It has been demonstrated that the beta-adrenergic signal transduction system is altered somewhere along its pathway in Trypanosoma cruzi infected hearts and we think that these alterations would differ according to the infection phase and the parasite strain. Their study would be important for the understanding of the disease's pathophysiology.(More)
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