Walter H. Niehoff

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Appendix • The number of permutations of HAV is ! 2 S 6 (factorial), or about 10-506 • The number of atoms in the known universe is only about 10-77 • The volume of the known universe is about 10-84 cu. cm. • The size of the subset of all permutations with even I00 known elements is still 10-27 S • The number of possible HRE's is about 2-31 or 10-9 • The(More)
This paper suggests two general directions that one could take to modernize APL2 Graphpak and revitalize its evolution. One direction springboards off lessons learned during Graphpak's first decade and from some thinking that evolved during early (c. 1980) experiments with general arrays. The second direction exploits general arrays and APL2 functionality(More)
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