Walter Goodwin

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In order to demonstrate the sequence diversity of mitochondrial D-loop DNA in the Taiwanese Han population, we established a database of 155 unrelated individuals. For each individual, the complete 980bp DNA region from the 5' end of HVI to 3' end of HVII segment was sequenced. In these 155 sequence data, 149 different haplotypes were observed, amongst(More)
Allele frequencies for the eight STRs included in the GenePrint PowerPlex 1.2 kit were obtained from three population groups that are resident in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); 228 unrelated UAE individuals, 194 unrelated Indian individuals and 197 unrelated Pakistani individuals were analysed.
Orthodontic force systems, by way of stress/strain, are transduced to a biologic signal that affects a multifaceted bone remodeling response. Tooth movement involves not only a periodontal ligament response (alveolus translocation), but also bursts of resorption associated with truncated remodeling events in the path of the advancing tooth. Osteoclasts are(More)
During February and March 2000, human remains were recovered from the Holy Loch, Scotland. Police enquiries identified 13 males that had gone missing, presumed drowned in the Holy Loch or the adjoining lochs, over the previous 35 years. Osteological examination of the remains established they were from a male, aged between 15 and 23 and 168-174 cm tall.(More)