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New reference equation of state for associating liquids
An equation of state for associating liquids is presented as a sum of three Helmholtz energy terms: Lennard-Lones (LJ) segment (temperature-dependent hard sphere + dispersion), chain (increment dueExpand
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SAFT: Equation-of-State Solution Model for Associating Fluids
An equation-of-state model has been developed for predicting phase equilibria, based on the Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (SAFT). The agreement with molecular simulation data has been found toExpand
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The growth and persistence of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the bovine mammary gland.
In animals exposed to foot-and-mouth disease virus by indirect contact, virus was recovered from the blood, milk, pharynx, vagina and rectum for variable periods of time before clinical disease wasExpand
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Sequence- and region-specificity of oxaliplatin adducts in naked and cellular DNA.
Oxaliplatin is a clinical anticancer drug with a pharmacological profile distinct from that of cisplatin. Our studies compared site- and region-specificity of lesions induced by oxaliplatin andExpand
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Pore water sulfate, alkalinity, and carbon isotope profiles in shallow sediment above marine gas hydrate systems: A numerical modeling perspective
[1] Both the concentration and the carbon isotope composition of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) vary considerably across the sulfate-methane transition (SMT) in shallow marine sediment at locationsExpand
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Prediction of Asphaltene Instability under Gas Injection with the PC-SAFT Equation of State†
Proper prediction of the potential for asphaltene precipitation in deepwater reservoirs represents a challenge for the flow assurance area due to both high intervention costs in case of asphalteneExpand
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Modeling Asphaltene Phase Behavior in Crude Oil Systems Using the Perturbed Chain Form of the Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (PC-SAFT) Equation of State†
Asphaltene precipitation and deposition can occur at different stages during petroleum production, causing reservoir formation damage and plugging of pipeline and production equipment. PredictingExpand
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Phase equilibria of associating fluids
As a continuation of our work on spherical associating molecules, we have derived expressions for changes in the thermodynamic properties due to association in mixtures of molecules with multipleExpand
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Application of Dipolar Chain Theory to the Phase Behavior of Polar Fluids and Mixtures
Phase behavior is strongly affected by dipolar interactions in a wide range of systems including those containing ketones, aldehydes, ethers, and esters. Multiple polar sites are present in variousExpand
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