Walter Fuertes

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We have developed a low-cost wireless monitoring system, that enables air quality referential parameters measurements based on a multilayer distributed model with an Arduino platform. This is an Internet of Things application, of which a physical object is embedded with electronics, software, sensors and wireless connectivity to allow monitoring air(More)
Virtualization tools can be an alternative to implement networking scenarios, with the purpose of making measurement experiments similar to those in real networks. For this, it is important to use the virtualization tool that consumes fewer resources. In this work, we have obtained a quantitative comparison of the CPU and memory consumption of those(More)
This research is about how to create an educational video game whose main purpose is to stimulate logical and spatial reasoning of children. For this goal, we have applied an incremental methodology in order to be able to produce a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. With the intention of incorporating operations necessary for cognitive development and(More)
Currently, virtualization is a proven technology that potentially provides a great opportunity for industry growth and research, due to its advantages in flexibility and cost reduction. However, designing virtual network environments is a complex process that requires great effort. For this, the work proposed in this paper is focused on applying modeling(More)
Virtualization is becoming increasingly popular, both for desktop as well as server systems. It has great demand in Information Technology industry because of inherent benefits like physical resource sharing that result in better utilization and ease in managing the system. Several studies have been done to find out the impact that virtualization has on(More)
The increased cyber-attacks in recent years have included violation of firewalls. Based on these facts, our study and main objective is to present the formation of a platform for open source firewall, which induces a highly efficient method to strengthen detection, control and also mitigation of such assaults. In order to fulfill these aims, we designed and(More)
Congestion of vehicular traffic in the cities with the highest population density results into a high amount of accidents and also to imminent road violence above average. Facing this problem, our study intends to implement a low-cost Internet of Thing proposal, in order to monitor and analyze traffic circulation and provide solutions to reduce the above(More)