Walter Feldheim

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An investigation was carried out on the effect of lecithin (phosphatidylcholine, 90%) on the plasma choline concentrations during continuous strain in 10 top level triathletes (4 women and 6 men), trial I, and 13 excellent adolescent runners (3 girls and 10 boys), trial II. Venous blood, collected before and immediately after the race, was separated and(More)
In a prospective clinical study, the efficacy of praziquantel in the treatment of 22 patients with Clonorchis/Opisthorchis infections was investigated. The dose regimen was 90 mg per kg bodyweight, divided into three equal doses given on consecutive days. Parasitological, clinical, routine haematological and biochemical parameters were followed up for(More)
The apparent digestibility of energy, protein, fat and non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) of low and high dietary fibre (DF) mixed diets were studied in three series of experiments with man and the rat. Low DF diets were used as control diets in each experimental series and the DF level was increased by adding fruits and vegetables (Study 1), citrus fibre(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the nutritional status of low-income Brazilian mothers, who were supplemented with iron and vitamin B12 during pregnancy, in terms of iron, zinc, folate and vitamin B12, in different stages of lactation and to determine the influence of the maternal nutritional status on milk composition. The effect of folate(More)
The metabolizable energy (ME) of two diets that differed in their content of dietary fiber (DF) from cereal products was measured in balance experiments in six human subjects. DF intake was 19.7 g/d with the low fiber diet and 48.3 g/d with the high fiber diet. Daily gross energy intakes were 2114 kcal (8845 kJ) and 2341 kcal (9795 kJ)/d with the low and(More)
Hepatic retinyl ester hydrolase (REH) activity was isolated from porcine and human liver and characterized, and some of its properties were compared with those of other retinyl-ester-splitting enzymes. Sequence analysis revealed that the REH proteins are structurally similar to non-specific carboxylesterases and distinct from bile salt-activated lipases and(More)
It was studied whether the type of bread (i.e. a low-fibre wheat-rye mixed bread and coarse or fine wholemeal rye bread) either as part of a diet or alone, had an influence on the short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) produced during in vitro fermentation. Fermentation substrates were dietary fibre residues obtained from diets and breads. In addition, it was(More)
Postmortem livers from 77 "normal" persons, 37 patients with neoplastic disease, 10 subjects with liver insufficiency, and 7 infants were analysed for free and esterified retinol. The average concentrations of total vitamin A for the members of each group were 597, 551, 289, and 162 micrograms/g wet liver, respectively. Compared with corresponding control(More)