Walter Dobrovolsky

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Osteomyelitis attributable to Actinomyces often results in recurrent disease and inconsistent responses to antimicrobial agents. We present data for 4 patients and a review of the 15 previously described pediatric cases of actinomycosis presenting as osteomyelitis. Fourteen cases involved the mandible and 5 cases involved other sites. All mandibular cases(More)
BACKGROUND Mandibular reconstruction is challenging for experienced and resident surgeons. Three-dimensional (3D) biomodeling creates accurate physical models of patients' craniofacial skeletons, which can potentially assist reconstruction. However, this capacity has not been objectively examined. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess 3D(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of head-and-neck cancer is complex and requires the involvement of various health care professionals with a wide range of expertise. We describe the process of developing a practice guideline with recommendations about the organization and delivery of health care services for head-and-neck cancer patients in Alberta. METHODS(More)
Syngnathia is a rare congenital disorder of jaw fusion with a paucity of literature from developed countries. We present a case of an infant noted to have multiple anomalies at birth including syngnathia, microcephaly with a variant of brain abnormality between holoprosencephaly and syntelencephaly, optic nerve hypoplasia, ear canal anomalies,(More)
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