Walter D. Furlan

Marta Tornel1
Omel Mendoza-Yero1
Laura Remón1
1Marta Tornel
1Omel Mendoza-Yero
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PURPOSE The relationship between astigmatic refractive errors and their associated visual acuity has been studied in recent years in the context of refractive power space. The influence of the axis of astigmatism remains a matter of controversy. Our goal in this study is to provide additional experimental evidence to clarify this subject. The influence of(More)
Purpose: To present a new fast and reliable application for iPad (ST) for screening stereopsis at multiple distances. Methods: A new iPad application (app) based on a random dot stereogram was designed for screening stereopsis at multiple distances. Sixty-five subjects with no ocular diseases and wearing their habitual correction were tested at two(More)
Devil's lenses (DLs) were recently proposed as a new kind of kinoform lens in which the phase structure is characterized by the "devil's staircase" function. DLs are considered fractal lenses because they are constructed following the geometry of the triadic Cantor set and because they provide self-similar foci along the optical axis. Here, DLs are(More)
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