Walter Correia

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This paper sets out the case for the importance of using virtual reality immersion for diagnostic analysis and rehabilitating people with disabilities. To do so, a review of the literature was undertaken by examining articles published between 2000 and 2012. The results show that browsing in virtual immersion environments simulates real-world situations,(More)
The development of mobile applications that consider accessibility can uniquely make use of software extensions to provide special interfaces to people with impairments. However, such extensions are limited so that the use of external devices is a natural alternative. The current market provides several accessibility devices that can be coupled to mobile(More)
When multimedia applications intend to support accessibility, aspects of usability must be reviewed to adapt or extend common functional requirements that are implemented to ensure an easy use of applications. Furthermore, these requirements must be identified and analyzed in a contextualized way, since different types of impairments require different types(More)
This article examines from a theoretical academic research, concepts, definitions and elements that consist the universe of virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), with the goal of applying them to spaces constructed both by professionals specialized in developing environments, as many by its users. 1 Introduction The representation of an(More)
This paper presents a heuristic evaluation of the usability of the interface of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) used in undergraduate Environmental Management offered in the e-learning at Instituto Federal de Pernambuco (IFPE). The data collected in the evaluations performed with usability experts were analyzed from the 10 Nielsen usability(More)
This article aims to highlight the role of consumer products companies in the heart and the extent of accidents involving these types of products, and as such undesired events take part as an agent in influencing decision making for the purchase of a product that nature on the part of consumers and users. The article demonstrates, by reference, interviews(More)