Walter C. Allen

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In advancing to one scientific name for each fungus species, a number of name changes are required especially for plant-associated fungi. These include species names that are not in the correct genus. For example, the generic name Elsinoë is used for fungi causing scab diseases but a number of these species were described in the asexually typified genus(More)
With the change to one scientific name for fungal species, numerous papers have been published with recommendations for use or protection of competing generic names in major groups of ascomycetes. Although genera in each group of fungi were carefully considered, some competing generic names were overlooked. This paper makes recommendations for additional(More)
An athlete was filmed at high speed to anatomically plot the position of the vertebrae during several pole vaults. A computer analysis adapted from a previously described program (Gainor, BJ, et al: The kick: Biomechanics and collision injury. Am J Sports Med 6: 185-193, 1978) was used to quantify the kinematic data. The thoracic and lumbar vertebrae of the(More)
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