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Information Systems (IS) researchers traditionally have the assumption that Information Technology (IT) innovations are conceived within the IT department. Developments like ubiquitous computing, web services and the emerging culture of digital natives (DN) challenge this foundational assumption as they enable individuals to implement their own IT(More)
The integration of the financial services industry and many financial services companies' focus on core competencies have led to the emergence of financial services alliances. These alliances face a variety of challenges regarding an integrated approach to customer relationship management (CRM) by the partner companies. In this paper we describe the(More)
During the last decades information technology (IT) management has changed significantly. Starting from being a costly and rare resource in its very beginnings IT has evolved into a vital enabler for almost any kind of business today. This development demands for highly flexible management concepts allowing the business to actively control and govern IT(More)
Zusammenfassung: Während auf Seiten der Supply-IT in den vergangenen Jahren eine zunehmende Professionalisierung und Industrialisierung stattgefunden hat, wurde die Rolle der Demand-seitigen IT bei der innerbetrieblichen Gestaltung von IT-Organisationen häufig vernachlässigt. Ziel dieser Arbeit ist, zunächst den Aufgabenbereich der Demand-IT abzugrenzen und(More)