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The EDC project is developing new methods to make data that has been represented in disparate ways and stored in heterogeneous forms available to users in an integrated, manageable, and understandable way. Our approach is to represent the structure and types of data in the disparate collections in a standard format (called a domain model) and then to embed(More)
Establishing a sustainable digital archive for the long-term preservation of heterogeneous scientific digital data poses both technical and organizational challenges for Universities and research institutions that hold scientific data and research-related information using traditional media in scattered departments and units. Cooperative institutional(More)
The Digital Government Research Center (DGRC) has completed phase one of the Energy Data Collection (EDC) project. In this paper, we present the results of building and evaluating system components, along with plans for phase two of the project. Phase one focused on data about petroleum products' prices and volumes, provided by the Energy Information(More)