Walter Borzani

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During the fermentor feeding phase in constant fed-batch ethanol fermentation of molasses, the ethanol production rates are constant and are correlated to the sugar feeding rates by a Monod-like equation. The parameters of this Monod-like correlation depend on the sugars concentration of the feeding mash. A model is proposed to explain the constancy of the(More)
Although numerous studies have examined many of the factors that affect the efficiency of batch ethanol fermentation, little attention has been paid to the influence of the biomass concentration on this efficiency. This paper shows that the influence of the biomass initial concentration on the fermentation efficiency depends on what is considered “produced(More)
During the steady-state continuous culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on sugar cane blackstrap molasses under different experimental conditions, oscillatory variations of the invertase activity of the intact yeast cells were observed. The continuous morphological changes of the cells wall and of the periplasmic space affecting the interaction between(More)
The case of a 4 yr.old boy with partial deficiency of hepatic OTC is presented.This X-linked dominant disease is lethal,for males,in the newborn period.Cur patient presented with lethargy, ataxia and irritability, not preceded by signs of viral infection. Laboratory tests were normal with the exception of metabolic acidosis,hyperammonemia(257γ/100cc)and(More)
The following equations represent the influence of the ethanol concentration (E) on the specific growth rate of the yeast cells (μ) and on the specific production rate of ethanol (ν) during the reactor filling phase in fed-batch fermentation of sugar-cane blackstrap molasses: μ = μ 0 - k · E and v = v 0 · K/(K +E)
During unsteady-state continuous culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on sugarcane blackstrap molasses, the invertase activity of the intact yeast cells oscillated. Disturbances were produced by changing medium composition, air rate, impeller speed, and dilution rate. The influence of the oxygen supply rate and of the dilution rate on the invertase activity(More)