Walter Baccinelli

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Despite being considered as simple everyday objects, smartphones have the most innovative sensors and electronics technology built in. These features make them powerful, nonintrusive tools for monitoring the user's physical and cognitive performance. This study aims at exploiting smartphone-based physical activity identification, implementing a(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a methodology based on muscle synergies to investigate whether rectilinear and curvilinear walking shared the same neuro-motor organization, and how this organization was fine-tuned by the walking condition. Thirteen healthy subjects walked on rectilinear and curvilinear paths. Electromyographic data from thirteen back(More)
This study presents an innovative multi-channel neuroprosthesis that induces a biomimetic activation of the main lower-limb muscles during treadmill gait training to be used in the rehabilitation of stroke patients. The electrostimulation strategy replicates the physiological muscle synergies used by healthy subjects to walk on a treadmill at their(More)
The combined use of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and robotic technologies is advocated to improve rehabilitation outcomes after stroke. This work describes an arm rehabilitation system developed within the European project RETRAINER. The system consists of a passive 4-degrees-of-freedom exoskeleton equipped with springs to provide gravity(More)
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