Walter Aloisi

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This paper analyzes and compares CMOS output stages for very low-voltage operational amplifiers. The analysis was carried out by taking into account output stage performance parameters which also affect the characteristics of the overall amplifier. In particular, three quality factors were defined to afford the designer a better understanding of the(More)
Current buffers/amplifiers are used in series to the Miller compensation capacitor with the aim of eliminating the positive zero introduced by the forward path. They are increasingly adopted because of their low-voltage features, high-speed performance and, recently, for their suitability to be used with large capacitive loads (when a current gain is(More)
In electronics communication systems random number generation is use for security purpose. The numbers which are in random but in predefined sequence pattern is called as pseudo random while the numbers which are unpredictable and in undefined sequence pattern is called as true random numbers. These random numbers are also use for bit error rate testinig(More)
In this communication a low-voltage linear voltage regulator in CMOS technology is presented. It is based on a two class-AB gain stage and, hence, does not suffers from internal slew-rate limitation when very large load capacitances are used. The linear regulator suitable for memory application was designed in a 0.35 μm standard CMOS technology. The(More)