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HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. The main risk factor for infection of the female population is the heterosexual transmission with partners who are infected with human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV infection is very common in sexually active males, and it is the most common STDs. In our experience the prevalence of infection is just under 50%. There are(More)
Introduction. Brugada syndrome is characterized by a disruption of heart's normal rhythm. It is an autosomal dominant disease due to a mutation of SNC5A gene. Its prevalence is low all over the world, but it is a lethal disease. Sudden cardiac death is the result of phenotypic manifestation of Brugada syndrome. Among asymptomatic Brugada patients,(More)
Pregnancy, the implantation of a fertilized ovum outside the endometrial cavity, occurs in 1.5%-2% of pregnancies. It is one of the major causes (about 6%) of maternal death during the first trimester of pregnancy. The remaining 5% implant in the ovary, peritoneal cavity, within the cervix, and the omental pregnancy is the least common form of abdominal(More)
Dienogest has recently been marketed as a medical treatment for endometriosis. Given the recent introduction on the market of Dienogest, little data are available regarding its effectiveness in routine clinical practice. The study is an observational, single-center, cohort study. Eligible was women with a surgical diagnosis of endometriosis dating back <24(More)
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