Walter A. Ullrich

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This paper reports the results of a large-scale analysis of a nationwide disease management program in Germany for patients with diabetes mellitus. The German program differs markedly from "classic" disease management in the United States. Although it combines important hallmarks of vendor-based disease management and the Chronic Care Model, the German(More)
Positioning a patient for surgery requires great care and caution. Correct positioning provides the surgeon with good access to the site, minimizes blood loss and reduces the risk of damage to nerves, soft tissue, compartments and the cardio-pulmonary system. Each position has its specific risks. These have to be evalued against the benefits. Extreme(More)
The words tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica (TO) were coined by Aschoff in 1910, defining a rare disease of the tracheobronchial system which most often is only "accidentally" discovered in the course of examinations, a bronchoscopy or computerized tomography, which are undertaken for other reasons. A characteristic sign for this disease are(More)