Walter A. Risi

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The charring rates of 12 different wood species originating from Europe and the tropics with densities ranging from 350 to 750kg/m3 were investigated to obtain clues on their fire resistance behavior. This was done by measuring the thickness of the charred layer after a 30-min exposure to the standard fire ISO 834-1. No correlation was observed between(More)
This paper presents HyCom, a DSL for hypermedia authoring embedded in the language Haskell. HyCom provides a declarative framework for describing hypermedia designs and also automatic application generation. We propose HyCom as the bridge between engineering models and implementation environments. HyCom is based on the principle of programming by(More)
In factory production control (FPC) of glued-laminated timber the integrity of glue lines according to product standards has to be checked by carrying out either delamination or block shear tests. The chosen test method should provide reliable and reproducible results, and from a practical point of view should be as cheap and easy to perform as possible. An(More)
Mobile web information systems are becoming a common trend in most commercial and corporate environments. While the most visible problems in mobile systems are the communication infrastructure and technical constraints of portable devices, there are also architectural issues that must be properly addressed at the conceptual level. This paper describes our(More)
Hypermedia authoring pie951 faces numerous challenges today. The expansive growth of the WWW and the increasing accesibility to multimedia technologies have made hypermedia preferable to traditional media. As expected, this growth has risen the requirements for tools which ease the hypermedia-generation process. While naive approaches to authoring consist(More)
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