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  • W A Müller
  • 1990
In wild type Hydra magnipapillata, daily application of the protein kinase C activator diacylglycerol (DAG) evokes sprouting of periodically spaced ectopic heads along the body column and leads to loss of the ability to regenerate proximal structures including the foot. The present transplantation studies show that the appearance of ectopic heads is(More)
Metabolic and hormonal effects of muscular exercise were studied in juvenile-type diabetics in relation to the prevailing degree of metabolic control and compared with those in healthy control subjects. Two groups of diabetic patients, one in moderate metabolic control and one in ketosis due to insulin withdrawal, were subjected to a 3 hour bicycle(More)
Sensitive cocultivation techniques were applied to study the radiation-induced activation of endogenous retroviral genomes in different mouse strains by the alpha-emitting radionuclide 224Radium. Activated infectious C-type retroviruses were detected in spleen, bone marrow and bone tissues of C57BL/6-, BALB/c- and NMRI mice. The titres of(More)
Single and repeated applications of 224Ra and single applications of 227Th to more than 600 female NMRI mice 3 - 4 weeks old, and to male NMRI mice have led to a high rate of osteosarcomas. Tumor incidence is dose-related. 227Th is more carcinogenic than 224Ra which induced the highest tumor incidence of 60% after a single injection of 5 muCi per Kg body(More)
The rare earth radionuclides 177 Lu and 153Sm were administered as single i.p. injections in NMRI mice. Lu was deposited principally (up to 60%) in the skeleton if the quantity of stable carrier was low. Increase of stable carrier enhanced deposition in the reticulo-endothelial system. Sm was preferentially deposited in the liver; the liver deposits were(More)
  • W A Müller
  • 1984
The retinoids (retinol, retinal, retinoic acid) cause alterations in the pattern of limb elements in vertebrates (Summerbell & Harvey, 1983). As shown here, retinoids also influence pattern specification in hydroid polyps (Hydractinia echinata) in a way suggesting interference with the generation and transmission of signals responsible for the dimension and(More)
This paper analyzes data for the osteosarcoma incidence in life-time experiments of (224)Ra injected mice with respect to the importance of initiating and promoting action of ionizing high LET-radiation. This was done with the biologically motivated two step clonal expansion (TSCE) model of tumor induction. Experimentally derived osteosarcoma incidence in(More)