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Simulating the multiple scattered light is critical for rendering light colored hair. Most of the existing models for simulating the exact behavior of multiple scattered light are computationally expensive and require additional data structures. The Dual Scattering model [Zinke et al. 2008] is a fast and relatively accurate model that approximates the(More)
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Like many a modern play theorist, both Mark Twain and Walt Disney were enchanted by the way children act out stories, in particular pirate tales. For both Twain and Disney, this fascination grew out of their small-town, midwestern boyhoods, where avid reading and fantasy play helped stave off boredom and fill emotional gaps for both of them. Even while(More)
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David Tallcott, CSEA's manager of computer services, urges delegates to bring with them to the annual meeting details of any and all membership informaition problems relative to dues deductions: Leader subscriptions, dues checkoff problems, membership cards, etc. The staff of CSEA's RSVP unit will be available with necessary records and equipment to resolve(More)
Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development is developing a 3-D agent-based crowd simulation tool for collaboration amongst designers, engineers and operations managers. The autonomous agents in our tool model the realistic behaviors of theme park guests with non-goal driven decision-making, and dynamic queuing, crowding, and grouping behaviors.(More)
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