Wally J. Smieliauskas

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This paper proposes a framework for audited financial reporting that is intended to address major perceived limitations in current quality reporting principles. The paper thus addresses the potential decoupling problem between financial statement audits and what is being audited identified by Power (1997). Using an extended risk model, the framework not(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to summarize a simulation study that analyzed the performance of Bayesian audit strategies in a novel fashion – dynamically and with varying sample sizes depending on the extent of an auditor’s prior information. Design/methodology/approach – The prior information for the Bayesian strategies arises from a set of(More)
This paper studies how a client's bankruptcy risk, together with its accounting quality and corporate governance, affect audit pricing. We use the unusual economic conditions of the 1998 Asian financial crisis as a stress test of the effect of these factors on audit pricing in Hong Kong. We find that audit fees are highly sensitive to a client firm's(More)
A simulation study is reported in this paper, which analyzes the performance of bayesian audit strategies in a novel fashion dynamically, considering varying sample sizes depending on the extent of an auditor's prior information. The prior information arises from a set of tests of internal controls which are evaluated making use of reliability theory. The(More)
An influence factors analysis method for online auditing performance assessment based on AHP (analytic hierarchy process) and GIA (grey incidence analysis) is proposed in this paper according to the requirements of online auditing performance assessments. In this method, a grey incidence model is developed to analyze the influence factors of online auditing(More)
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