Wallace R. Wood

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Records of 63 patients diagnosed as having moderate periodontitis who had been treated and maintained by scaling and root planing for 10 years or longer (mean 13.6 years, range 10 to 34 years) in dental school clinics were reviewed for tooth loss. The patients averaged 45 years of age (range 24 to 67 years) at the initial appointment, and 41 were female.(More)
This study compared three case-type classifications--the cross-classification of the Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities, Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs) and Staging--with respect to per cent of variance in total patient charges accounted for. The purpose was to assess the relative usefulness of the classifications for application in hospital(More)
In the study reported here, the authors measured the differences between teaching and nonteaching hospitals in case mix complexity and provided some detail concerning the differences. They measured case complexity in a sample of 200 short-term general hospitals by the Resource Need Index (RNI) using a cross-classification of 3,490 case types with weights(More)
The influence of operating room contamination on wound infection rates in clean, clean-contaminated, contaminated, and septid procedures was studied by a prospective randomized study of 2,020 surgical wounds. Operating room surface contamination was assessed by the RODAC bacterial plate method. Control rooms uniformly received Wet-Vac cleaning between(More)
BACKGROUND Drug use has been associated with chest pain in adults presenting for emergency care. The association of drug use and chest pain in adolescents presenting to a pediatric emergency department has not been evaluated. METHODS Urine drug testing was conducted in a convenience sample of healthy adolescents with chest pain (cases) and compared to a(More)
We designed and executed a course to develop expert system expertise in a classroom environment. It taught both the theory and practice of knowledge-based systems. Teams consisted of knowledge domain experts and computer experienced people. The interest was training people in knowledge-base tasks and having them develop commercially significant projects.(More)
The dynamical process following the breaking of Weyl geometry to Riemannian geometry is considered by studying the motion of de Sitter bubbles in a Weyl vacuum. The bubbles are given in terms of an exact, spherically symmetric thin shell solution to the Einstein equations in a Weyl-Dirac theory with a time-dependent scalar field of the form β = f(t)/r. The(More)