Wallace P. Lira

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This paper presents a case study aiming to investigate which variant of the Think-Aloud Protocol (i.e., the Concurrent Think-Aloud and the Retrospective Think-Aloud) better integrates with the Cognitive Walkthrough with Users. To this end we performed a case study that involved twelve users and one usability evaluator. Usability problems uncovered by each(More)
Many approaches to shape comparison and recognition start by establishing a shape correspondence. We "turn the table" and show that quality shape correspondences can be obtained by performing many shape recognition tasks. What is more, the method we develop computes a <i>fine-grained, topology-varying</i> part correspondence between two 3D shapes where the(More)
The working environment of railways is challenging and complex and often involves high-risk operations. These operations affect both the company staff and inhabitants of the towns and cities alongside the railway lines. To reduce the employees' and public's exposure to risk, railway companies adopt strategies involving trained safety personnel, advanced(More)
The identification of relevant information in large text databases is a challenging task. One of the reasons is human beings' limitations in handling large volumes of data. A common solution for scavenging data from texts are word clouds. A word cloud illustrates word usage in a document by resizing individual words in documents proportionally to how(More)
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