Wallace E. Tyner

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With cellulosic energy production from biomass becoming popular in renewable energy research, agricultural producers may be called upon to plant and collect corn stover or harvest switchgrass to supply feedstocks to nearby facilities. Determining the production and transportation cost to the producer of corn stover or switchgrass and the amount available(More)
We develop a theoretical model to identify conditions under which price and income changes are most likely to change weight. Although it is intuitive that raising the price of high-calorie food will decrease consumption of such goods; it is not clear that such an outcome will actually reduce weight. Our empirical analysis demonstrates a case where a tax on(More)
The biofuel industry has been rapidly growing around the world in recent years. Several papers have used general equilibrium models and addressed the economy-wide and environmental consequences of producing biofuels at a large scale. They mainly argue that since biofuels are mostly produced from agricultural sources, their effects are largely felt in(More)
A modification of the conventional dry grind process for producing ethanol from yellow dent corn is considered with respect to its economic value. Process modifications include recycling distillers' grains, after being pretreated and hydrolyzed, with the ground corn and water to go through fermentation again and increase ethanol yields from the corn starch.(More)
The rise in world oil prices, coupled with heightened interest in the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions, led to a sharp increase in biofuels production around the world. Previous authors have devoted considerable attention to the impacts of these policies on a country-by-country basis. However, there are also strong interactions among the.se programs,(More)
Ethanol, the common name for ethyl alcohol, is fuel grade alcohol that is predominately produced through the fermentation of simple carbohydrates by yeasts. In the United States, the carbohydrate feedstock most commonly used in the commercial production of ethanol is yellow dent corn (YDC). The use of ethanol in combustion engines emits less greenhouse(More)
We evaluated several variants of a variable biofuel subsidy and compared them with the fixed subsidy and Renewable Fuel Standard. We used two different modeling approaches. First we used a partial equilibrium model encompassing crude oil, gasoline, ethanol, corn, and ethanol by-products. Second, we used a stochastic simulation model of a prototypical(More)