Wallace A. Wood

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The new technology product adoption lifecycle (TALC) has been classified as including five groups: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards and is visualized as a bell curve. Ghaffari and McNurlin introduced a modification of this with their concept of the technology camel. They renamed the innovators to be Eager Beavers and(More)
This study investigates the status of portal implementation in the academic world. A two-stage cluster analysis was used to divide the sample colleges and universities into three groups (Internal Focus Implementers, External Focus Implementers and Starters) based on the portal features implemented by each school. The differences among the three groups were(More)
There is little question that technology will continue to play a major role within the corporate structure well beyond the year 2000. The overaH success of that role will largely be measured bar& on the availability of qualified IT professionals. What factors are perceived to be important for effective performance in an Information Systems career? What(More)
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