Wallace A. Pinheiro

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Business Process Management Systems are largely used nowadays. However, most process models are started from scratch, not having reuse promoted. Large enterprises not using a unique integrated system, and also some of them that do, have the same business process implemented in a variety of ways, due to differences in their units' cultures or environments. A(More)
Currently, Fourier and cosine discrete transformations are used to classify documents. This article proposes a new strategy that uses wavelets in the representation and reduction of data text. Wavelets have been extensively used for dimensionality reduction in the field of signal processing. In this work, we show that a text document, after being subjected(More)
Traditional workflow systems don't handle dynamic scenarios well, as they are centralized and pre-defined at the start of the project. In this paper, we present a P2P framework to support dynamic workflows, which uses contracts to deal with unexpected changes in the flow of activities. DynaFlow is an agent based framework, where agents take action when(More)