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Chemistry and cellular aspects of cationic facial amphiphiles.
Absolute configurations of Emycin D, E and F; mimicry of centrosymmetric space groups by mixtures of chiral stereoisomers.
Refinements in the centrosymmetric and non-centrosymetric space groups are compared in this paper and are shown to favour the chemically correct interpretation, more decisively so in the case of the bromo derivative as a result of the anomalous dispersion of bromine.
A Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Lapachol and Some Derivatives of 1 , 4-Naphthoquinones Against
Among the various natural quinones, the naphthoquinone lapachol [2-hydroxy-3-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)1,4-naphthoquinone] (Fig. 1), extracted from the heartwood of certain Asian and South American
A Review of the Calcium Thionyl Chloride Electrochemical System
Abstract : Citing work from the open literature and from Government-sponsored contractual efforts, research on the calcium thionyl chloride electrochemical system is reviewed. Progress has been made
Existence of superdiffusion of hydrogen in vanadium.
Determination du coefficient de diffusion de l'hydrogene interstitiel dans des echantillons de vanadium monocristallins et polycristallins par la methode de relaxation d'electrodiffusion
Methods for alkene difunctionalizations: hydroacylation & carboacylation
This thesis presents the development of new catalyst for the coupling of alkene hydroacylation and enantioselective α-arylation to form heterocyclic ketones containing α-chiral quarternary