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Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to diverse cellular and organismal responses. We used DNA microarrays to characterize the transcriptional responses to different mitochondrial perturbations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. We examined respiratory-deficient petite cells and respiratory-competent wild-type cells treated with the inhibitors of oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Papillary renal-cell carcinoma, which accounts for 15 to 20% of renal-cell carcinomas, is a heterogeneous disease that consists of various types of renal cancer, including tumors with indolent, multifocal presentation and solitary tumors with an aggressive, highly lethal phenotype. Little is known about the genetic basis of sporadic papillary(More)
A fundamental problem in DNA microarray analysis is the lack of a common standard to compare the expression levels of different samples. Several normalization protocols have been proposed to overcome variables inherent in this technology. As yet, there are no satisfactory methods to exchange gene expression data among different research groups or to compare(More)
Seven GATC sites that are nonmethylated in logarithmic growth phase cells using glycerol as a carbon source were isolated from the Escherichia coli chromosome. Three of these GATC sites are located upstream of the operons gut, mtl, and ppiA, whereas DNA sequences adjacent to three other nonmethylated GATC sites are not homologous to previously identified(More)
Most of the adenine residues in GATC sequences in the Escherichia coli chromosome are methylated by the enzyme deoxyadenosine methyltransferase (Dam). However, at least 20 GATC sequences remain nonmethylated throughout the cell cycle. Here we examined how the DNA methylation patterns of GATC sequences within the regulatory regions of the(More)
Pap pili play an important role in the pathogenesis of upper urinary tract infections by enabling uropathogenic Escherichia coli to adhere to host epithelial cells. Pap pili are coded for by the pyelonephritis-associated pili (pap) operon, which consists of 11 genes required for the expression and assembly of Pap pili. Expression of Pap pili is regulated by(More)
SUMMARY Microarray data management and processing (MAD) is a set of Windows integrated software for microarray analysis. It consists of a relational database for data storage with many user-interfaces for data manipulation, several text file parsers and Microsoft Excel macros for automation of data processing, and a generator to produce text files that are(More)
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