Walid Naji

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The aerosol properties of liposomes and their physical stability to aerosolization were evaluated using an air-jet nebulizer (Pari LC Plus) and a customized large aperture vibrating-mesh nebulizer (Aeroneb Pro-8microm). Soya phosphatidylcholine: cholesterol (1:1 mole ratio) multilamellar liposomes (MLVs) entrapping salbutamol sulfate were nebulized(More)
A wide-band and flat gain Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is demonstrated using a gain media of high concentration Silica-based erbium doped fiber (EDF). The amplifier has two stages comprising a 1.5 m and 9 m long EDF optimized for C-band and L-band operations respectively, in a double-pass series configuration. The CFBG is used in both stages to allow(More)
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