Walid Mohamed Aly

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Problem statement: Solving the state assignment problem means finding the optimum assignment for each state within a sequential digital circuit. These optimum assignments will result in decreasing the hardware realization cost and increasing the reliability of the digital circuit. Unfortunately, the state assignment problem belongs to the class of(More)
Automatic clustering of unstructured documents has become an essentially indispensible task, especially when dealing with the increasing electronic documents. Automatic clustering of documents involves document designation to a subgroup based on its content. K-means is one of the most popular unsupervised clustering algorithms, though the quality of its(More)
Cuckoo Search is gaining a lot of attention as a new soft computing technique inspired by nature,in this research the application of Cuckoo Search for solving the problem of estimating the parameters of a nonlinear model is investigated from both aspects of efficiency and robustness. Using a case study of estimation of parameters of a nonlinear model for(More)
This paper aims at developing a system that is capable of classifying Arabic and English un-structured documents; it proposes to classify these documents in consecutive two phases. In the first phase, incremental Automated Domain-Meta-Document Construction (ADC) algorithm is applied as a new automated machine learning approach. ADC constructs updatable(More)
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