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Research in program comprehension has considerably evolved over the past two decades. However, only little is known about how developers practice program comprehension under time and project pressure, and which methods and tools proposed by researchers are used in industry. This paper reports on an observational study of 28 professional developers from(More)
—App stores allow users to submit feedback for downloaded apps in form of star ratings and text reviews. Recent studies analyzed this feedback and found that it includes information useful for app developers, such as user requirements, ideas for improvements, user sentiments about specific features, and descriptions of experiences with these features.(More)
Reading reference documentation is an important part of programming with application programming interfaces (APIs). Reference documentation complements the API by providing information not obvious from the API syntax. To improve the quality of reference documentation and the efficiency with which the relevant information it contains can be accessed, we must(More)
—App stores like Google Play and Apple AppStore have over 3 Million apps covering nearly every kind of software and service. Billions of users regularly download, use, and review these apps. Recent studies have shown that reviews written by the users represent a rich source of information for the app vendors and the developers, as they include information(More)
Requirements engineering is one of the most critical phases in software development processes. Requirements are verbalizing decision alternatives which are negotiated by stakeholders. In this paper we present the results of an empirical analysis of the effects of applying group recommendation technologies to requirements negotiation. This analysis has been(More)
Work descriptions are informal notes taken by developers to summarize work achieved in a particular session. Existing studies indicate that maintaining them is a distracting task, which costs a developer more than 30 min. a day. The goal of this research is to analyze the purposes of work descriptions, and find out if automated tools can assist developers(More)
If software engineering tools are not "properly integrated", they can reduce engineers' productivity. Associating and retrieving information scattered across the tools become unsystematic and inefficient. Our work provides empirical evidence on what is a "poor" and a "proper" tool integration, focusing on practitioners' perspectives. We interviewed 62(More)