Walid M. Raafat

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The signals of LF and VLF are rapidly alternated by the earth's surface; and there are various propagation models currently used by the wireless industry for signal transmission within the frequency range 150-1800 MHz. Hata-Okumura two rays model are one of them. This paper addresses the problem of Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) arising from the Doppler(More)
Inter Cell Interference (ICI) still poses a real challenge that limits the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access (OFDMA) system performance, especially for users located at the cell edge. A common Inter Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) technique is interference avoidance in which the allocation of the various system resources (e.g., time,(More)
This paper is a comparative study between the performances of conventional terrestrial multicell Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) working in a Rayleigh fading environment and its corresponding High Altitude Platform (HAP) system working under a different Path Loss (PL) model with the capacity as the performance metric of interest, calculated using the(More)
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