Walid M. Aly

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This study identifies and quantifies the spatial variations of metal contamination in water, sediment and biota: the common cockle (Cerastoderma edule) and the Mermaid's glove sponge (Haliclona oculata), within a heavily anthropogenically impacted semi-enclosed estuarine-coastal area with a low ability to disperse and flush contaminants (Poole Harbour, UK).(More)
Poole Harbour is typical of many heavily anthropologically impacted semi-enclosed estuarine coastal areas under pressure from metal pollution across the world. This study examined the physiological significance of metal burdens within that sensitive area, and assessed the potential use of metallothionein (MT) concentrations in two organisms: the common(More)
Evolvable hardware is a hardware that depends on evolutionary algorithms (EAs) for performing electrical circuit synthesis and evolving its electrical circuit architecture, furthermore it depends on EAs for making the necessary adaptations to this architecture while working on line. This paper presents a new approach for solving the electrical circuit(More)
DNA compression challenge has become a major task for many researchers as a result of exponential increase of produced DNA sequences in gene databases; in this research we attempt to solve the DNA compression challenge by developing a lossless compression algorithm. The proposed algorithm works in horizontal mode using a substitutional-statistical technique(More)
This paper presents a model to observation the Cloud computing for any anomalous activity. Hadoop it is a largely used open source Cloud Computing framework to huge data. It uses the model Machine Learning technique to detect classify anomalies of sensory observation and help to in ensuring the stabilization of virtual sensor networks. The framework it’s(More)
This paper aims at developing a system that is capable of classifying Arabic and English un-structured documents; it proposes to classify these documents in consecutive two phases. In the first phase, incremental Automated Domain-MetaDocument Construction (ADC) algorithm is applied as a new automated machine learning approach. ADC constructs updatable(More)
Automatic clustering of unstructured documents has become an essentially indispensible task, especially when dealing with the increasing electronic documents. Automatic clustering of documents involves document designation to a sub-group based on its content. K-means is one of the most popular unsupervised clustering algorithms, though the quality of its(More)
Due to the structure of metro railway systems, most of its planning problems including timetabling are classified as optimization problems. Timetabling is the problem of assigning times for events such as departure and arrival of trains over the planning time horizon. As modern metro systems try to provide customer centric services, it is required that the(More)
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