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The robustness of a biometric identity verification (IV) system is best evaluated by monitoring its behavior under impostor attacks. Such attacks may include the transformation of one, many, or all of the biometric modalities. In this paper, we present the transformation of both speech and visual appearance of a speaker and evaluate its effects on the IV(More)
In this paper, we present a real-time method for counting people in crowded conditions using an indirect/statistical approach. Our method is based on an algorithm by Albiol et al. that won the PETS 2009 contest on people counting. We employ a scale-invariant interest point detector from the state of the art coined SURF (Speeded-Up Robust Features), and we(More)
Cap dependent translation is mainly regulated at the level of the eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E), the activity of which is controlled by phosphorylation and sequestration by its well established regulator, 4E binding protein 1 (4E-BP1). Both eIF4E and 4E-BP1 have been shown to be involved in the malignant progression of multiple human cancers,(More)
The BioSecure Network of Excellence has collected a large multi- biometric publicly available database and organized the BioSecure Multimodal Evaluation Campaigns (BMEC) in 20072. This paper reports on the Talking Faces campaign. Open source reference systems were made available to participants and four laboratories submitted executable code to the(More)
With the start of the appearance of PDA’s, handheld PC’s, and mobile telephones that use biometric recognition for user authentication, there is higher demand for automatic non-intrusive voice and face speaker verification systems. Such systems can be embedded in mobile devices to allow biometrically recognized users to sign and send data electronically,(More)
Virtual worlds are developing rapidly over the internet. They are visited by avatars and staffed with Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). An avatar is a representation of a physical person. Each person controls one or several avatars and usually receives feedback from the virtual world on an audio-visual display. Ideally, all senses should be used to(More)
The preservation of your identity is a fundamental right. In many situations, you need to claim your identity and this claim needs to be verified somehow. The technology called biometrics may help. But, what if a deliberate impostor claims your identity? Will this forgery be always detected? Biometric identity verification is imperfect. This presentation(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer diagnosed worldwide. The limitations of cisplatin-based chemotherapy have prompted intense interest among scientists to search for alternative metal-based anticancer medicines. Gold(III) complexes have been among the most widely investigated since they showed higher cytotoxicity than cisplatin and(More)