Walid K Yassir

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We evaluated 18 of 23 patients who had undergone cryopreserved meniscal allograft transplantation for compartmental pain after total meniscectomy 2 to 8 years (mean, 5.4) after the operation. The Short Form-36 scores revealed a decrease in pain with a significant improvement in function, although function remained limited. There was no significant decrease(More)
Sixteen individuals with Costello syndrome underwent a complete history, physical examination, and medical record review. Medical history and record review were performed for two additional children with Costello syndrome. The POSNA Functional Health Outcome Questionnaire Baseline Assessment was completed by the parents of all 18 children. All the children(More)
Periacetabular osteotomies are performed to improve femoral head coverage in a variety of clinical conditions. The stability of the osteotomy fragment between Ganz's periacetabular osteotomy was compared with that of Tonnis's triple innominate osteotomy under simulated weight-bearing conditions with a variety of screw constructs using three-dimensional(More)
Femoral head coverage achieved with an acetabular osteotomy for hip dysplasia is achieved by acetabular rotation that can be restricted by osteotomy orientation and soft tissue attachments to the acetabular fragment. Procedures that allow excess rotation or motion in an undesirable direction (especially external rotation) may have undesirable consequences.(More)
Costello Syndrome is a rare congenital condition characterized by failure-to-thrive, cardiac abnormalities, distinctive facial features, predisposition to malignant tumors, and developmental delay. In 1999, we analyzed the functional health in a cohort of 18 patients. Since then, a mutation in the HRAS gene has been found to be causative, medical management(More)
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