Walid Gomaa

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Reachability for piecewise affine systems is known to be un-decidable, starting from dimension 2. In this paper we investigate the exact complexity of several decidable variants of reachability and control questions for piecewise affine systems. We show in particular that the region to region bounded time versions leads to N P-complete or coN P-complete(More)
Recursive analysis is the most classical approach to model and discuss computations over the real numbers. Recently, it has been shown that com-putability classes of functions in the sense of recursive analysis can be defined (or characterized) in an algebraic machine independent way, without resorting to Turing machines. In particular nice connections(More)
Computable analysis is an extension of classical discrete computability by enhancing the normal Turing machine model. It investigates mathematical analysis from the computability perspective. Though it is well developed on the computability level, it is still under developed on the complexity perspective, that is, when bounding the available computational(More)
The theory of analog computation aims at modeling computational systems that evolve in a continuous space. Unlike the situation with the discrete setting there is no unified theory of analog computation. There are several proposed theories, some of them seem quite orthogonal. Some theories can be considered as generalizations of the Turing machine theory(More)