Walid Abdallah

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PURPOSE To study the feasibility of anterior vitreal oxygenation for the treatment of acute retinal ischemia. METHODS Twenty rabbits were randomized into an oxygenation group, a sham treatment group, and a no treatment group. Baseline electroretinography (ERG) and preretinal oxygen (Po(2)) measurements were obtained 3 to 5 days before surgery. Intraocular(More)
Radio over fiber (RoF) is a very attractive and promising technology for wireless access networks, because of several advantages such as providing huge bandwidth, inherent immunity to electromagnetic interference and reduced power consumption. The analog RoF networks cannot be used for the transmission of radio signals over long lengths of fiber due to the(More)
Cloud applications have witnessed significant increase in their development and deployment. This has been driven by the low cost and high performances that can offer cloud paradigm for enterprises to implement innovative services. However, cloud services are constrained by the available transmission rate and the amount of data volume transfers provided by(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the effect of the renin angiotensin system (RAS) peptide NorLeu3-Angiotensin (1-7) (NLE) formulated in a viscoelastic gel (USB004) on the healing of full-thickness corneal injuries. METHODS Dutch pigmented rabbits received conjunctival administration of 0.3% USB004, 0.03% USB004, or vehicle-control to healthy and full-thickness(More)
Myotonic dystrophy type I (DM1) exhibits distinctive disease specific phenotypes and the accelerated onset of a spectrum of age-associated pathologies. In DM1, dominant effects of expanded CUG repeats result in part from the inactivation of the muscleblind-like (MBNL) proteins. To test the role of MBNL3, we deleted Mbnl3 exon 2 (Mbnl3(ΔE2)) in mice and(More)