Wali Mohammad Shah

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then   P z has all the zeros in z t  . In the literature, [1-15], there exist extensions and generalizations of Eneström-Kakeya theorem. Joyal, Labelle and Rahman [9] extended this theorem to polynomials whose coefficients are monotonic but not necessarily non negative and the result was further generalized by Dewan and Bidkham [6] to read as: Theorem B.(More)
Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Indian Territory) are situated in the Bay of Bengal and endemic for malaria with perennial transmission. Anopheles sundaicus which prefers to breed in brackish water, is known as the main vector for malaria and maintains high endemicity of malaria. Tsunami waves entered the inhabited coastal areas, caused heavy devastation and(More)
Preface The Inner to Central parts of the Western Carpathians consist of several tectonic units that provide unique opportunity to investigate Alpine and Pre-Alpine tectonothermal evolution in the Western Carpathians. Lithological and geochemical compositions of sedimentary and igneous rocks indicate the presence of Alpine-Meliata and Pre-Alpine Rakovec(More)
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