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This research paper carries out a realistic experimental approach to enhance the solar output power to a significant level with the application of solar concentrator and tracking system and also proposes a fuzzy based control system for the utilization of the duration for which solar power is available. By using only a solar panel, the theoretical value is(More)
Stirling engine is an external combustion engine that can successively replace conventional fuel by means of alternative fuel (low grade fuel or renewable energy such solar thermal energy) for power generation. The proposed system improves the total output by maximum utilization of available photovoltaic output and maximum utilization of the duration for(More)
— A classic problem in comparative genomics is to find a shortest sequence of evolutionary operations that transform one genome into another. There are different types of genome rearrangement operators such as reversals, transpositions, translocations, block interchange, double cut and join (DCJ) etc. In this paper we consider reversals and(More)
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