Walfredo Cherubini Fogaça

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Craniofaciostenosis is often associated with midfacial hypoplasia and has been treated traditionally using Le Fort advancement osteotomies and bone grafts. The surgical procedure requires a prolonged operating time, several osteotomies with a significant blood loss, and wide surgical exposure. According to the principles of bone lengthening, we performed(More)
Persistent sensibility abnormalities after correction of zygoma fractures indicate injury to the infraorbital nerve and may produce pain. To investigate this, a retrospective study of 25 patients who had undergone surgical correction of a zygoma fracture was performed. Bilateral neurosensory measurements were obtained with the Pressure-Specified Sensory(More)
The importance of facial trauma comes from the possibility of leaving serious functional and aesthetic consequences. Since 1990 patients with facial fractures were treated at the Emergency Ward of the Hospital das Clinicas of the Medical Faculty of São Paulo by plastic surgeons. In 24 months, 130 patients with facial fractures were treated there. The main(More)
Normal facial sensibility on the area of the infraorbital nerve was determined in 24 healthy subjects. The measurement of two points discrimination distance and the evaluation of cutaneous pressure threshold were assessed on both sides on the zygomatic, paranasal, and superior labial skin. Cutaneous sensibility varied from region to region but was(More)
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