Wales T George

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Since bone-mass-based measurements have demonstrated limited success in predicting age-related increase in fracture incidence, recent emphasis has been placed on quantification of bone quality. Specifically, material parameters such as strength, stiffness, and toughness have been quantified to characterize bone quality through mechanical testing. This study(More)
Fatigue damage development in cortical bone was investigated in vitro under different mechanical components of physiological loading including tension, compression, and torsion. During each test, stress and strain data were collected continuously to monitor and statistically determine the occurrence of the primary, secondary, and tertiary stages associated(More)
Fatigue fractures of cortical bone involve combined axial-torsional loading yet it is unknown how the relationship between axial and torsional loadings affects the fatigue behavior of bone. In this study the effect of superimposing in-phase and out-of-phase torsional on axial loading on the fatigue behavior of bone was investigated by conducting in vitro(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether the incidence of pneumonia in patients taking clozapine was more frequent compared with those taking risperidone or no atypical antipsychotics at all before admission to a tertiary care medical center. This was a retrospective, case-matched study of 465 general medicine patients over a 25 month period from 1(More)
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